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ENGIE Hidroelétricas do Douro

ENGIE Hidroelétricas do Douro was created in 2020 with the objective of ensuring the operation and maintenance of six hydroelectric power plants implemented in the Trás-os-Montes region.

Our plants supply the electricity grid with an annual value of around 3,500 GWh, representing more than 30% of national hydroelectric production.

This hydroelectric portfolio has a hydroelectric production capacity of 1.7 GW, with a concession term of 45 years, which includes 3 newly opened pumped reservoirs in Baixo Sabor, Feiticeiro and Tua, the first two in the municipality of Torre de Moncorvo and the last in the municipality of Alijó, as well as another 3 recently renovated run-of-river power stations in Miranda do Douro, Picote and Bemposta, in the municipality of Miranda do Douro. The operations support services are located in the city of Porto.

ENGIE Hidroelétricas do Douro as part of the ENGIE group, leader in the energy sector with a strong worldwide presence, incorporating the Values, Principles and Culture and with the purpose of accelerating the energy transition to a carbon neutral society and more environmentally sustainable solutions, assumes itself as a company with a culture of openness, participation, transparency and trust in its People and focused on its Mission. The focus on continuous performance improvement and human and technological development, in a Safe and Environmentally responsible work context, reveal our strategies and action policies, guaranteeing the fulfillment of our business commitments.

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